Forex Brokers list/table

We are constantly researching and updating our Forex brokers list to ensure that you get the best possible service. We will always aim to have the most comprehensive list of Forex brokers for you. With a simple click, you can start trading with a LIVE or a demo account, no matter what country you are from. Our Forex broker partners also offer a 'WELCOME BONUS' when you make you make your first deposit, which you will receive by simply clicking any of the links in the table below to open a LIVE account or any of the bonus links. Our list includes 'no dealing desk' brokers, ECN (Electronic communication network) and STP (Straight through processing) brokers that provide direct market access (DMA). 

Forex BrokerMin DepositBonusMin SpreadPlatformLive AccountDemo Account
ETX logo  $200 None From 0.6 pips Web/MT4  Open Live Account Open Demo Account 
XM logo   $5 $30 no deposit + more From 1 pip  MT4/WebTrader 
FXCM logo £50 None  From 2 pips Plus500 Trader Open Live Account   Open Demo Account 
ava trade logo $100 Up to $10k  From 3 pips MT4/AVATrader Open Live Account Open Demo Account

Different types of Forex brokers

ECN brokers - these types of brokers are amongst the most trusted Forex brokers in the industry. The Electronic communications network (ECN) puts the trader and the brokerage in direct communication which means there is no ‘middle man’ to go through. The result is a true market price which is not manipulated, re-quoted or traded against in any way. In simple terms, the market conditions provided by the Interbank market to the Forex broker are the same market conditions provided to the customer by the broker. The access to the Forex market is therefore true and un-touched. In order to make a profit on your trades ECN Forex brokers will either add a couple of pips to the spread or simply charge a commission for every trade.The ECN or sometimes referred to as ‘Direct Access’ will always provide the best possible bid and ask prices from a range of different price providers. Once the customer makes an order the best price will be matched up to their order automatically and released into the market. The same applies to exiting the market. The automation aspect allows orders to be executed instantly with no delays, re-quotes or price unavailability.

Market Makers – these types of brokers have always been part of the trading industry because they historically provided bid and ask prices when they were not offered. This reduced any liquidity risk and kept the markets running at a reasonable pace. Whilst many honest market makers still exist in the market there are a few Forex brokers that take advantage of this ability. Whilst acting as intermediaries between you and the market they can manipulate pricing so that you pay much more for your trade. Therefore, the market conditions received are not true/best Interbank market conditions/prices. It is this type of price manipulation that has given the ‘money maker’ a bad name.The best way to recognise a ‘bad’ market maker is to run a check on the broker but also keep an eye on the price in your charts. The standard practice is the market maker trading against the customer. If you are consistently successful, you are putting the Forex broker at a risk. It is due to this risk that the market maker can place an order against you and thus taking you out of the market. This is usually seen at the end of a trading day or the close on Friday. If such price spikes occur, your trader has not got your investing interest at heart.Be aware of market makers pretending to be ECN brokers. They usually cover their tracks by stating they have no dealing desk (NDD). The fact is that dealing desks are not required to be a market maker. The market making process is simply executed by a third party or their liquidity providers.A lot of major Forex brokers still are market makers but they never abuse their power in this manner. So, just make sure you realise that not all market makers are bad. They simply need to be researched.

STP brokers – ‘straight through processing ‘brokers are a mixture of the two above. Initially, straight through processing was defined due to speed at which market orders were executed but that speed in now matched by ECN Forex brokers anyway.The STP broker has complicated algorithms that will produce the correct market conditions and honest prices for successful traders while market making prices for the unsuccessful traders. This way they profit from commission charges on successful trades and losses from unsuccessful trades. This does not always work in their favour but the business model really is that simple. The answer is; be a successful trader.