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Our list of Forex brokers’ articles aims to cover issues that both new and professional traders tend to experience. We get a lot of emails on issues relating to Forex brokers from traders all over the world so we will aim to cover most of them in this section. Our articles are comprehensive and straight to the point ensuring that all issues are resolved or answered.

The murky world of Forex brokers can be confusing and sometimes even frustrating. Whether you are choosing a new broker or replacing your current one, the process can sometimes be quite hard. To add to the mix, there are also hundreds of marketing campaigns around that claim to offer the best platform and the best deals which can make things a lot more confusing. This is why our articles will attack and simplify frequent issues of this kind to ensure our readers are always knowledgeable and aware of mistakes that can easily be made. We also provide educational content that allows traders to operate their trading platform to its full potential. 

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1 Important features to set up on a Forex broker platform
2 3 factors that represent the quality of Forex brokers
3 Best places to find Forex brokers
4 Advice for speaking to Forex broker customer service departments
5 What makes a Forex broker ‘the best’ for you? - Part 2
6 What makes a Forex broker ‘the best’ for you? – Part 1
7 Pre-market, after hours and late trading explained
8 Always check your Forex broker
9 How reliable are Forex broker reviews?
10 Tips for choosing Forex brokers
11 The truth about bad market maker/retail Forex brokers
12 Does trading success depend on the quality of a Forex broker’s platform?

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