Advice for speaking to Forex broker customer service departments

Once we are at a stage where we are ready to look for Forex brokers to work with the good news is that there are many good ones out there. There are also bad ones; which is to be expected anyway, but a little bit of love and care in the search process should deliver some good results. The research process is the key here so must do your homework before committing to a Forex broker. Make sure that you note down what characteristics you would like for your Forex broker to have. If you do not know which characteristics you require at a minimum then spend some time looking around blogs and forums to see what other people like and dislike and from this you should be able to work out your own criteria.

Once the ‘tick boxes’ of criteria are formed it is simply a case of going through various lists of Forex brokers which you can find online. Ensure that you find one that feels good to you and that matches your criteria.

At the very minimum, you should speak to customer support departments of the brokers you have included in you potential selection. However, you may come across customer representatives are that are simply no good. The inability to answer any of your questions and constant pushing towards you signing-up may ‘put you off’ some companies because it seems that all they are interested in is the sale where you are the statistic. If this is the case then it may be worth speaking to another representative to see if they could restore the faith you originally had. If not then this is a sign that the customer service within this Forex broker anyway, is not at a standard that it should be. As customer service is one of the most important factors of any company, perhaps it is time to take this company of the list.

On the other hand, you may speak to some fantastic representatives. Despite this being the case however, do not be fooled. This is not the end of your journey as good customer service can be disguised as ‘well trained promises’. If they answer any questions you may have, it may be time to see what offers they can provide for you. If they are so sure that they will be a great Forex broker for you, see what they will do to get you on board. The better deals you can get the closer they will be to signing you up. The point here is not to treat the customer service department as a market stall but to simply lay your cards on the table and see if you both can reach a win/win situation. If they cannot offer you anything than the standard deal, then it is up to you whether to terminate the conversation or sign-up, knowing that you will be in good hands.

It may also be worth asking the representative what the bad points are of their company. That is, what are they not competitive with in relation to other Forex brokers? If they shrug it off and say that they are the best then the chances are they are not. If they admit to a couple of factors but back it up with proof that they are aiming to improve that over the coming months with the aim to be the best Forex broker out there, the chances are that you are dealing with an honest company. This is a lot better than simply using a company that offers low spreads.