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The reality of trading is that the achievement of reaching 100% success rate is virtually impossible. The reason why is there is always some factor outside of our control that turns the market bias to the opposite side in an instant. In fact, some professional traders rely on a 50-60% success rate while some have an even lower rate of around 40%. Even a low success rate such as this can provide profit for the trader as long they adopt professional money management techniques.

Money management is there to save your capital from disappearing. When used correctly, even a low success rate such as 40% can bring profits to the table. Every trader will experience losses at some point and it is money management alone that ensures they are not financially hurt in the long run.

Main reason why we use money management is because markets can be very unpredictable and volatile places. Unfortunately for us, this is the environment that we rely on so we need to adapt to it in every way that we can. The techniques we show you in the video tutorials will teach you how to adapt to the markets’ behaviour and ensure that you are always safe, no matter how much capital you have to invest. Managing your trading capital demands patience and while it may seem sometime that you could earn more if you only invested more, the long-term aim is financial success and if executed correctly; it is almost certain you will succeed. 

# Title
1 How to use 2% trading rule in money management
2 How to use and calculate risk/reward ratio for trading

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