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Candlestick patterns in Forex

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Candlestick patterns come in many forms and they have the power to turn market direction. They are usually made up of two or three candlesticks but always require confirmations if they are to be used in a trade. Candlestick patterns allow us to get into a trade early but this can only be achieved if the correct analysis is utilised. Never simply rely on the candlesticks themselves because they can provide a fake picture of the current market situation. Below is a list of candlestick patterns you are required to know, so ensure that you watch all the Forex training videos. 

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1 Bullish engulfing pattern in Forex
2 Bearish engulfing pattern in Forex
3 Piercing pattern in Forex
4 Dark cloud cover pattern in Forex
5 Morning star pattern in Forex
6 Evening star pattern in Forex
7 Doji candle in Forex
8 Morning doji star pattern in Forex
9 Evening doji star pattern in Forex

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